Electronic Funds Transfer (TeleCheck)

TeleCheckā„¢ is a no-fee, one-time payment service and does not establish any future payments or deductions.

To use the TeleCheckā„¢ service, you need:

Your Event ID (example: 12345)
Date of Your Event (example: 12/31/2021)
Bank account number and routing number

Please Note:

Telecheck transactions are not allowed within 7 days of the event. We must allow enough time for the check to clear.

Credit or Debit Card

There is a fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount.

To make a credit card payment, you need:

Your Event ID (example: 12345)
Date of Your Event (example: 12/31/2018)
Credit Card Number, Exp Date, CCV Code, Billing Address of Card

Pay by Mail

To pay by mail, please include your remittance slip which you may have received via email or regular mail (not required) and write your event ID on your check. Allow five days for payment to arrive and post to your account prior to the due date.

Please send payment to the following address:

Jimmy Dee Entertainment
1 Labriola Court
Armonk, NY 10504